F5 301b受験料過去問に対する効率のあがる勉強法




301b試験番号:301b 真実試験
試験科目:「LTM Specialist: Maintain & Troubleshoot」

>> 301b 真実試験



NO.1 An LTM Specialist defines a receive string in the HTTP monitor and then assigns it to the HTTP
pool. The monitor has an interval of 5 seconds and a timeout of 16 seconds.
If the receive string is NOT seen in the the HTTP payload after 20 seconds, how does the LTM device
mark the monitor status?
A. available
B. forced offline
C. offline
D. unavailable
E. unknown
Answer: C

NO.2 An LTM Specialist configures a new HTTP virtual server on an LTM device external VLAN. The
web servers are connected to the LTM device internal VLAN. Clients trying to connect to the virtual
server are unable to establish a connection. A packet capture shows an HTTP response from a web
server to the client and then a reset from the client to the web server.
From which two locations could the packet capture have been collected? (Choose two.)
A. external VLAN interface of the LTM device
B. network interface of web server
C. management VLAN interface of the LTM device
D. internal VLAN interface of the LTM device
E. network interface of client machine
Answer: B,E

NO.3 An LTM device is load balancing SIP traffic. An LTM Specialist notices that sometimes the SIP
request is being load balanced to the same server as the initial connection.
Which setting in the UDP profile will make the LTM device more evenly distribute the SIP traffic?
A. Set Timeout to Indefinite
B. Disable Datagram LB
C. Enable Datagram LB
D. Set Timeout to Immediate
Answer: C


NO.4 -- Exhibit -
-- Exhibit -
Refer to the exhibit.
A user is unable to access a secure application via a virtual server.
What is the cause of the issue?
A. The client authentication failed.
B. The virtual server does NOT have a client SSL profile configured.
C. The virtual server does NOT have a pool configured.
D. The client and server CANNOT agree on a common cipher.
Answer: A

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